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Do you live with Spirit in Mind? Or more in the Physical?

Hey everyone, I did the Seacoast for better living expo this past Saturday, and besides the most important question of “Who’s around me?” I was really intrigued that many asked if pets, as well as the spirits of loved ones, or of those we knew in prior life times are around?  Well….without any hesitation, the answer is  a resounding “YES”!  I think the best way to explain it would be this way.  Before we enter a life, we make a plan, a map so to speak.  And in this map, we have definite things that will be done.  And in others we have a choice or “Free Will,” as the other side likes to put it.  That gut feeling that makes us hesitate before acting, or speaking, or driving, etc….In their opinion, this is the voice of reason, not your brain, that is physical, it will die with the body, but your soul is 100% pure.  It cannot be polluted by society or religion, television, or a bad atmosphere.  We were born knowing all that there is and was, and will be.  And as we grow we begin to lose the ability to hear and listen to that inner voice, until all we feel is a hesitation, or doubt.  Their advice, when in doubt, even the smallest, Say NO!

It doesn’t mean forever, in all cases, it may simply mean, “Not Yet”, we may have to learn something first before moving into this direction.  I know that everyone has had that feeling before.  Should I, Shouldn’t I, and when we go against our deep inner feelings, we realize later, after the fact, that we made a mistake.  That we “knew,” we should have done the other.  Now…mistakes aren’t bad if we learn from them.  But to continue to make the same mistakes, well, that bring on another lifetime of one more thing you need to correct, learn, walk away from, and deal with.  It’s Karma, baby!  And it’s a bigger thing than anyone can beat.  You will be dealt a blow if you do it to another.  The old saying, what goes around, comes around?  So True!  So think before you speak, and if you feel it was a bit unfair, or mean, then apologize, but mean it.  You can say your sorry a hundred times, but if you don’t mean it, it doesn’t count.  In fact it’s one hundred more times you will have to fix it.  The simplest things in the life, and the way our spirits really are, that is how we are to live.  Yes our physical bodies can wreck havoc, and some forget the soul and it’s internal reasoning, so much so, that terrible things happen.  Again, this is not the soul, but the physical which has lost all reason, and lives only for itself, it believes in only itself, and that whatever he or she does, it’s of no matter.  It’s a very sad thing.  I was speaking to a group of people a few weeks ago, and it amazed me how this one couple, who were verbally abusive to others, and judgmental, as well as bitter, and hateful, believed that they would go straight to heaven when they died, and yes they will, but not without seeing all they had done to others and feeling all the pain they caused.  The soul was pure, but the physical was cruel and without compassion of any king.  What annoyed me the most about them, was that they believed because they were “Good Christians,” and being in church every Sunday, they were in Gods favor.  As I said, they will have a rude awakening.  Only we can judge ourselves when we leave a life, and people that live without compassion, patience, tolerance, love, and above all, non-judgment, will see and feel the pain they caused.  Yes…heaven is home, and this is work, and each of us has our own mission in mind.  My advice would be to listen to your mind, that gut feeling, and not your brain.  Anything that has physical matter will one day die, but our souls live forever.  And the way you treat people, animals, and all living things, determines what you will decide is just and fair when you return home.

Voices From Heaven – Are You Listening?

Welcome to my newest blog, and my Twitter, although I must say, Twittering is something I’m not sure of how to do yet, it’s one more step to my building my intelligence in the world of the fast and furious advancement of techno-savvy things.

I recently had some dental work done. And through the experience, where you could see how much the technology has advanced, the fear of dental procedures as simple as a cleaning, has me shaking in my shoes! While I was in the chair, and the dentist was giving my teeth the exam, I never realized that he had stopped working, and that his assistant had as well. That cold water suction thing was in my mouth, and I couldn’t talk for lack of any moisture in my mouth, and having my eyes closed I didn’t see what was occurring. For me, it was just “Can we get this done, before I have a heart attack, mode. And just as quickly he was looking in my mouth. It wasn’t until my two sons went in for their cleaning the next week, and I had a follow up for a small filling. The receptionist at his office is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She is a very sweet and joyful person. As I walked in the door, at the top of the stairs I saw a spirit, very handsome young man. And I kept hearing him say, you know me. “YOU, no me!” And stood at the bottom of the stairs, and looked around me, as if he were talking to someone else. I looked back at him, and he was laughing at me! “No one behind you, and how many spirit messengers do you think walk through that door? After my face stopped burning red in embarrassment, I went upstairs and check in with the receptionist. As I did so, I saw the young man again, behind her. “This is my mom,” I know my mouth fell open, but quickly I shut it, not wanting to startle her. I nodded, and in my mind simply said…..”Oh I didn’t know she and the doctor had children?” Then the lecture followed of you are not suppose to wait five years to go to the dentist! Blah…..blah…blah…..I have great teeth, and other than one small pin prick of a cavity, it was fixed. But it was when I sat down in the waiting area that the receptionist started telling me a story that involved my family. Apparently while I was being examined the first time a week before, a song came on the radio, and song that according to them never is played on that particular station. In fact, they had put in requests for it, and were told, it’s not a part of our genre selection.

And that when I was sitting there, my eyes shut tight, terrified, my knuckles white as I clung to the chair, a song came on. Of course I was so preoccupied by hating where I was, I was completely void of anything else. The young man was standing behind me now, and I still didn’t listen. I just wanted out of there. As I listened to her tell me about this song coming on, and them not hearing it since their only son, who was literally in my face, smiling, and full of mischief, had died of a brain tumor over a year ago and this was the song they played at his memorial, I was not surprised, but overwhelmed. Both my sons had been in for a cleaning that day, and I had been there one week prior, and this song which never played came on. And only when we were there. She told me, if it plays today, I know its Mattie sending us a message. I agreed, and hoped I would be more calm so that I could hear it should it come on. Sure enough, I was listening to the sound of that awful drill, cringing inside, when I saw my dentist face, and his receptionist eyes tear up. We all, as if being told my a single voice turned to the hallway where Mrs. Dentist sat, she was pulling Kleenex out of the box left and right. She yelled back, it that lovely, sweet, happy voice. “Don’t look at me, I’m a blubbering mother right now. Stupidly with the dehydrator sucking all the moisture out of my mouth and me loaded with Novocaine, I tried to talk, but the words I said came out, like I had been on the biggest drunken stupor anyone could imagine. “bar bu bisting bu bis? And on I went. After the tears stopped, I could hear the song, the last of the chorus being played. I had never heard of this young man before. But I thought he has a voice as angelic as Celine Dion…..I quickly learned that the song was “You Raise Me Up,” by Josh Grobin. And until that day, I had never heard it before. This was the song at their son’s memorial, the song that had never played on the radio station they listened to. And for the first time, in over a year, they heard it, once the week before. Then that day, as my sons each sat in a different dental hygienist chair. And finally while I was in the chair. It hasn’t played since I left that day. My dentist and his wife are incredible people, compassion and love are just who they are. Losing their only son was a very hard blow to bare. And I knew it still affected them in a sad way, yet they were progressing and moving forward.

They even came to my office and I did a 4 hour session for them, and let them release a lot of the anger, and devastation they had with others who were not as kind and compassionate as they were to others feelings. But upon hearing from Matt, and hearing he was “Great, and life was SWEET”! They knew it was.

Mat died of a brain tumor. And now the family has begun an annual event to raise money for St. Jude’s, the hospital where Mat had gone. This year I have volunteered my services for this event. The Noyce Family Brain Tumor Drive. I am honored and so very blessed that Mat upon knowing I was there, gave his parents a clear and consistent sign that he was indeed a voice from heaven that would never fade from their lives. He was happy and well. And went into great details of his parents and his life. Even the knew kitten they had adopted the night before. That they were great lovers of animals, and if they took in one more animal, they may have to move and have more acreage as it might be considered a “Farm!” So much is done for us, here, by those we love on the other side yet, we ignore the smallest things. Pennies lying around, and we don’t notice them until we suck them into the vacuum. And the noise alerts us to “Oh my god, the belt is going to break!” Or the scent of cologne, perfume, aftershave. The feeling that you are not alone, that someone, though you cannot see them, is standing next to you, or behind you. A touch that we swat at, thinking it’s pesky mosquito! And the visits in the dream world. Everyone can experience these things, if they open their minds and their hearts to the voices around them. Heaven is merely a blink away, and the voices from our loved ones come through that archway. Closer than we ever imagined. Believing in something you were told didn’t exist for for entire life, can make you wonder if what you are experiencing is real? But re-training your mind, and opening your eyes to the endless possibilities that are there for us, and sooner rather than later, the voices from heaven find you, reassure you, and leave you with a sense of love and understanding that you never dreamed possible. They can even be heard in a song. So listen, and watch, little things are big things when we know our loved ones are still here, and loving us more than we could ever imagine.

In Light,