Yin and Yang

Doctors of the Future Will Heal With Plants of the Earth, Medicines of the Land

The Formal origins of Oriental medicine lie in the philosophy known as Taoism, first developed by Lao Tzu after about 600 BC. At the core of this philosophy is the belief that human beings are part of nature. This means that we experience the constant flow and change of nature, and it is this flow and change that is reality. Many of us try to create permanence in our lives and in the objects around us, but, because reality is in a state of flux, we should instead try to maintain a state of balance within this constant change. It is this balance that gives us a sense of harmony and well-being, and is the source of our health.

Chinese medial theory looks for a logic in the patterns of change, and the Yin Yang theory was developed to explain these patterns. The terms Yin and Yang are used to describe the qualities of all things, and their relationship to each other and the universe. Everything contains Yin and Yang elements: Yin and Yang are opposite and complementary.

  • Normal balance and quantity of Yin and Yang Qi, which represents health.
  • Normal Yin Qi, but excess Yang Qi, which creates Heat and overactivity.
  • Normal Yang Qi, but deficient Yang Qi, creating heat (especially at night) and a lack of vitality.
  • Normal Yin Qi, but deficient Yang Qi, creating lethargy, chilliness and poor circulation.

The charts found in “Acupuncture and Common Ailments, ” by Chris Jarmey and John Tindall, of which this information is from is a fantastic way to utilize acupressure into your everyday lives. It illustrates how the possible imbalances (numbers 2-4 above) may affect your health. The acupressure techniques of calming, toning, and dispersing are described in the pages of this amazing tool. From the charts you will see that deficiencies of Yang lead to Yin- type Symptoms; deficiencies in Yin will produce Yang – type symptoms. Nothing can be wholly Yin or Yang because there are no fixed extremes in nature. The qualities of Yin and Yang are always relative: warm water, for example, is more Yang than ice, but more Yin than than steam. Some of these qualities are outlined in the tables you will find in this fantastic book. It was apart of my course study during my years in college to become a Doctor of Naturology, and I have gone back and am reworking these wonderful modalities for myself, and the health of my family, and or anyone else interested. If you have a question on health, remember I am not an MD, or a DO, I cannot prescribed medications, I can however working with your doctor give suggestions to aid in your treatment. It’s so important to look into the healing properties of the amazing modalities that exist out there. Modalities that have existed for thousands of years. I believe strongly that these healing techniques will be utilized more and more in this century, keeping our selves healthy rather than letting things go until we find ourselves ill. You can prevent illness. It’s your choice. Be healthy, and be well!

~ Vicki